Spots of Energy Outside My House

Today is such a beautiful day~

I woke up to find a large hen and some baby chicks outside my house.

What a surprise!

I found this adorable yellow chick and I just could not resist the urge to hold him in my hands. His fur (feathers?) were so fluffy I almost died of cuteness.

I call him Joe.

I found another cutie nestled in between the warm and secure wings of their silent mother hen.

This one is definitely a Larry.

It was such a joy to see these dollops of sunshine! How often does one living in the city get to see such quaint scenery anyway? Not often enough, Iā€™d say :3

Bonus stuff!

P. S. We’ll be updating every Sunday and Wednesday from now on so be sure to stick around for more stuff from us šŸ™‚


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