CNY Reunion Dinners

I remember when I was a little Chinese kid, the thing I get asked the most by my grandparents was, “Have you eaten?”

If you say no, then they’ll pile your plate up with two kinds of meat and two spoonfuls of veggies; If you say yes, they’ll still pile your plate up and force you to eat until you probably don’t feel like eating anymore for the whole year.

Bless their souls.

If you’re born into a Chinese family or celebrate Chinese New Year, then you’ve probably heard of the term “Reunion Dinner”. Reunion Dinner (or 团年饭) is especially significant in our Chinese culture as it symbolises togetherness and unity of family and friends. It’s usually held on the night before the official day of Chinese New Year (Also known as 除夕夜).

Basically, it’s when one or more families sit down together to have a meal, and use that opportunity to catch up on each other’s lives (Besides gorging yourself with a truckload of good food).

I can’t help but remember all the times my aunties and uncles drowned me with questions about my grades, personal life, when I was going to get a boyfriend etc. #peskyauntieuncles

Modern day families now favour eating out in a restaurant rather than helping out with the cooking at home. Although their heart is in the right place, most families still prefer doing it the old fashioned way — preparing and eating together at the comfort of their own home.

But most of the time, the food laid out on the table isn’t as important as making sure everyone has a good time together. The reunion dinner can be five-star, but if you’re eating with a table of sour-faced relatives, it won’t ever taste as good as eating a simple dinner with your closest family and friends.

I just want to wish everyone a happy Chinese New Year this year! Do remember to burn off that extra belly fat though! 😉


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