The Unwritten Rules of Tennis (Or just about any Sport)

That’s right, I’m talking about etiquette, sportsmanship and everything concerning people to people relationships.

Sportsmanship is what most kids lack these days. Either they are not educated since young, or they have this selfish desire to have what they want all the time (or they just plain lack EQ in extreme cases), a lot of kids in this generation are not team players. They think they deserve to win everything, that they’re special and whatnot (when most of the time, they’re no different from the rest who share the same thought), and if they don’t get what they want, they have the right to throw a fit and be angry about it.

Kids these days need to be taught with proper manners and social etiquette on whatever sport they wish to participate in.

Without further ado, I give you 8 unwritten rules in Tennis.

1) Always close the door (of the court) each time you enter and exit, especially when there are still players inside the court. This ensures that the tennis ball stays inside the court and doesn’t bounce out of the court. It’s basic manners and should be observed by all players.

2) Do not throw tennis balls wantonly without warning the other players. This is just plain rude! How would you like it if someone kicks a soccer ball to your face without calling to your attention beforehand?

3) Do not make noises to distract your opponents. It is very annoying. When you do that, you’re literally labelling yourself with the words “I’m a child” on your forehead. With the blood of a cat.

4) Always wear the proper attire, especially for girls. A super short skirt not only distracts, but also calls more unwanted attention to yourself if you mess up in the game.

5) If you’re sparring with a partner, make sure you two are on the same page. Both of you should set aside your differences, work with your strengths and not get worked up over petty mistakes. A match is still a match however you look at it.

6) Don’t throw your racquet in a fit of rage. This not only diminishes your professionalism, but also makes you seem like a spoiled brat. Throwing your racquet does absolutely nothing good to your current situation. You should turn all that negative energy to positive energy to motivate yourself to push even harder, and give your all into the game.

7) Please remember to also take care of your personal hygiene. Putting on deodorant and constantly washing your sweaty clothes is necessary too when you play sports. Surely you don’t want anyone bad mouthing you of your putrid body odour in the middle of a game.

8) Don’t practice on the court when there is a match going on. There is a reason why coaches don’t let you stand at the sides of the court — so that you don’t get hit by balls or disturb other players! Practicing at the sides, be it even bouncing the ball with your racquet is hazardous to the other players who are actually playing a match. If the ball flies out of bounds, you might even be knocked down to the ground by one of the players when he runs for the ball or worse — get hit BY the ball.

If you guys have more to add, be sure to voice out your opinions in the comment section below! 😉


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