Can a Man and a Woman be “Just Friends”?

I’m a girl and I would kill to get myself a guy best friend {= 3 =}

Girls value their guy friends. And I’m not talking about the bunch of guys who flirt or create small talk with girls just to feel great about themselves or want to engage in some kind of romantic relationship with them.

Girls value guys who they can share their thoughts with and lament about their shortcomings or even just share about everyday life.

That guy can be someone who is willing to lend you a shoulder to cry on.

That guy can be someone who does not hesitate to spend his time and life on you.

That guy can be a person who makes vows and promises with you under a starry night sky.

And yes, all of these without becoming his girlfriend at any point of both your lives.

Why do girls value their guy friends so much? But first, let me point out ONE MAJOR FLAW in women. Feel free to agree or disagree in the comment section below.

Girls are creatures made of pride.

When two girls become best friends, there are some written and unwritten rules about their topics of interests. They tend to avoid topics which are too sensitive for them to handle and so, they evade them in any way possible. If one of them happens to step out of the “safe zone”, they would have a big quarrel, which would often result in “cold war” between them, with neither of them willing enough to let go of their pride and reconcile. Even if they do get back together, they bottle up those sour feelings which over time turns into hatred. What’s more terrifying is that girls don’t scream or fight to let their emotions run loose. They clench their jaw and swallow them down. Imagine swallowing a mouthful of lemon juice. Ughh.

And furthermore, topics relating to relationship with their partners. Please do not even think of treading there. That is taboo. Based on MY experience, (you don’t have to agree with me) females don’t like other females (like me) to be there to witness the break down of their relationship. They treat every advice as something offensive. Little do they know that the other females (AKA me) are trying their best to help, and am not trying to fan the flames. Females tend to put up a brave front , and I don’t know why. Now, I kind of have that vague understanding of why women are willing to stay with husbands who beat the crap out of them.

What about guys then? Are they any different? YASS, people. Guys have pride too, but not as much as women.

Not only are they willing to take a step down, they are not afraid to hurt girl’s feelings. They’ll even lend you their palm and explore all the dark corners with you. I don’t know about you, but he does with me anyway.

When you are sad, guys don’t follow your train of thought and cry with you. You can cry your lungs out for all they care.

Instead of viewing things superficially, they tend to voice out constructive criticism instead of convincing you that you are right no matter what you do.

When you are lost, they don’t stand in solidarity with you. They don’t support you on whatever you do. However, they do give you a piece of their mind and let you cry alone to clear your head. Yes, have that, you emotional piece of shit. (me)

Once the obstacles that hinder your vision are gone, guys tend to give you a pat on the back and disappear almost instantly. Deal with it yourself. No crying or sobbing, you’ve got to stiffen that upper lip and pave the road yourself.

Well, this is my evaluation anyway. What do you think? Feel free to judge.

Credits to my male bestie, Jimmy.


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