Shopping Pet Peeves

Not all of us like to go shopping. Some of us just rather order our stuff from home than to be physically there in a shopping complex. I mean, that’s what the Internet is for, right? With the rise of Amazon and UberEats and McDelivery, we don’t even NEED to go outside anymore these days.

But for the poorer more frugal people (who can’t afford the luxury of paying extra for services like $4.99 shipping fee) like us, physical shopping is a necessity and a routine for people all around the world.

But then, some people might not even know if they like shopping or not. Here I give you 5 signs you’re not a fan of shopping:

  1. You rather listen to the music in the background. Whether it’s the latest hits or classic mall music, you rather listen to that than help your girlfriend (or wife) decide whether she should cook spinach or broccoli for dinner.
  2. You rather play with your phone. You might be the type to just push the trolley around or carry the basket around than rather aid with the choosing and actually Iearn something useful. If you’re lucky enough you might even knock over the guy who’s stocking up the pineapple section.
  3. You rather not tag along and prefer to stay at home. I mean, who wants to walk around a shopping complex and end up not buying anything most of the time for 2 hours when you can stay at home and chill, am I right?
  4. You always shop at the last minute. Isn’t this obvious enough? 
  5. The mini mart is good enough for you. Ain’t nobody got time to find the best deals around town. To hell with comparing prices or brands, you’ll take whatever is available in the nearest 7/11.

But for the majority of us, shopping is inevitably unavoidable. We also tend to face some problems while shopping, in which over time they start to annoy us. Thus, I give you 7 shopping pet peeves we can all relate to:

  1. Annoyingly loud bargainers. “Gosh! That guy sure is LOUD!” You’ll hear yourself grumbling when the guy next to you just won’t stop badgering the poor salesman with a million questions. If you wanted to haggle the price of an item, you should’ve gone to a flea market, for goodness sake! What many loud people don’t realise is that some people like to shop in peace and their booming voices is surely going to tick them off.
  2. Overly enthusiastic salespeople. You question your sanity every time the super “friendly” salesperson keeps suggesting that 10 plus products for you and that you should quickly grab them since it’s on promotion. We get that they’re really passionate about their jobs and everything but did they overlook the fact that nobody wants their personal space to be invaded every thirty seconds? I feel that this golden rule should be in every break room: Be helpful ONLY when you’re needed.
  3. Noisy kids. Whether it’s sobbing toddlers in the dairy aisle, miniature princesses having a meltdown outside the dressing room area, or kids running wild everywhere, a noisy child is bound to irritate you at one point or another. Nothing irks anyone more than a crying or screaming child who hasn’t cooled off after ten minutes.
  4. Demented shopping carts. Some shopping malls don’t even bother oiling the wheels on their carts which makes you think twice every time before deciding to take one. Since you require even more effort to push the damn thing around — especially when it’s full to the brim with various groceries. It’s as if the shopping cart has a rebellious personality of it’s own.
  5. Unhelpful salespeople. If there’s one thing I can’t stand more than overly perky salespeople, it’s salespeople who aren’t being helpful at all. When you holler to them for help, they pretend not to see you (even if they do, they tend to stare at you incredulously, as if you’re treading into their sacred territory); When you ask them about a product, they give you this uninterested shrug and a bored look on their faces. These people never fail to make me question humanity as a whole.
  6. Noisy shoppers. Some people value their quiet time when shopping and don’t want to be disturbed at all. When you can even hear them chatting about a relative who recently underwent liposuction two aisles away, it kinda kills your shopping experience (worse if you’re not lean and are overly self-conscious of your body).
  7. When you go to more than three department stores and STILL don’t find what you want. It’s as if all of the things you actually need just magically run out of stock at the exact same moment. Nothing is more taxing on the body than running all over the place just to find that ONE thing you absolutely need especially after a tiring day at work.

These are just some of the common ones, be sure to leave a comment below of your own shopping pet peeve.




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