I got my driver’s license last year in September. Since then, it’s only been a few months since I started driving out on the open road. As far as I’m concerned, I’m not even close to being an experienced driver of any sort yet.

Driving is a skill that everyone should have. Whether it’s driving a car or riding a motorbike, so long as it gets a person from one place to another, it’s a really nifty skill to have and to be proud of.

Over here in Malaysia, you can get your driver’s license as early when you’re 17, and motorcycle license when you’re 16! (And we Malaysians often wonder why illegal racing still thrives in this country?) In my opinion, 16 is still too young an age for a teenager to have this kind of responsibility. I mean, does it make sense to give young boys — whose brains have not even fully matured yet, the privilege of riding their bikes whenever they like out on the streets? What many parents don’t realise is that not every teen intends to only use their motorcycle for its sole intended purpose. But that’s for another article.

My experience in driving school was not a pleasant one. I still remember getting up at the crack of dawn, having to get myself ready to set off to the institute by 7:30. And when I got there, I still had to wait an hour or two before I could even step foot on any of the cars. And that was before I sat for my SPM exam. I cringe at all the hours I could’ve spent studying properly, but are wasted squatting there instead. Most of the time, my instructor would even ask me to stay for the whole day (for the sake of her convenience of not having to fetch her students home one at a time, thus consuming less fuel, time and energy. Come to think of it, it was a really good move for the environment. Kudos to her for that.) even if I only got to drive two times in a span of 8 to 10 hours.

Now that I’ve gotten my driver’s license, I’ve been starting to drive more regularly to get myself accustomed to the roads and to get the hang of being behind the wheel. But frankly, (speaking from experience) driving can be a terrifying AND enjoyable activity at the same time.

Driving is enjoyable when you actually know the roads and actually know where you’re going. Revving the engine and going fast sometimes also never ceases to gives you a mini thrill that gets you all excited; On the other hand, you have to constantly ensure the safety of your passengers and if anything happens to them, it’s most likely YOUR FAULT. Plus, driving on unfamiliar roads is a NIGHTMARE without good ol’ Waze or Google Maps.

Be sure to stay safe on the road, everyone.


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