Snail Mail

I got my SPM results last week and I had been very busy applying for schools since then. I’d managed to successfully complete most of my applications on time, but there was only one application process that made me want to tear all my hair out and scream expletives at my laptop.

Don’t you absolutely hate it when everyone else’s application goes smoothly only except yours?

Well, that was what happened to me last week.

I had already completed my application form, but for some darned reason, I couldn’t directly transfer the application fee, neither could I submit all my supporting documents online. All my other friends said that they had experienced no trouble at all when applying to the same school though. I couldn’t help but think to myself the whole time, “Why me!”

When it comes to college applications, it’s always either you submit all your documents online, or submit it by hand. Since the first option didn’t work for me, I was forced to go through the second option (which was also the most time, energy and money consuming option).

Once I attached all my relevant documents and two self-addressed envelopes to the completed application form, me and my dad headed out to the post office. On the way there, we encountered the first obstacle: No parking. After circling the post office for about 20 minutes, we finally managed to snag a rather small space to park our car for a few moments.

We headed to the counter to see busy individuals mailing their own documents and sticking stamps on the envelopes (using their saliva. How unsanitary!). After buying some stamps for the self-addressed envelopes (this should be a thing of the past by now, with Emails at our service *grumble*), I even had to fill up the consignment note by hand before putting all my documents into the plastic case (which costed more than a cup of McCafe’s Americano! *grumble grumble*)

When you realise you spent more on stamps and envelopes in one day than you could’ve spent on food for a whole week. #studentproblems

After all is said and done, now I sit here, anxious and haunted by the possibility that the school hasn’t gotten my package yet and that I’ll have to go through the whole application process again… …

We all love post office stories. Take a look at this hilarious one at : Click here


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