Nervous, much?

Are you always nervous? Ever had the feeling when you’re talking to someone and your heart just started beating for some odd reason? Or when you’re in a crowd and you can’t shrug off the feeling that people are constantly looking at you? Do you feel nervous when ordering for food at McDonalds? Do you feel as if everyone is judging you and you can’t help but think that their perspectives are moulding who you are? Does your self confidence take a dive when someone hurls their snide comments at you? Do you like to dress as simple as possible to avoid attracting the attention of others?

How many of the above situations can you relate to? If you can’t relate to any one of them, congrats. Keep on living and enjoy whatever you’re doing now.

If you get at least 4 of them right, read on.

Not everything revolves around you. When you feel overwhelmed, go to the park and look up at the sky. Spend five minutes of your life marveling at this vast space. We share the same sky, I will know the feeling you have when you look up.

You are unbelievably small. After that, don’t think of anything and go straight to McDonalds. Get yourself a burger and a coke. ( Hell, go crazy and get yourself a Mcflurry ) If you ever experience the feeling of bliss, I think you might have gotten yourself a new friend. PM me, we can be crazy together.

Remember this : Don’t let other people’s judgement affect your self worth. Their comments don’t define you. Do whatever you want and stop cocooning yourself up. Experience real joy when you finally break free of yourself. You don’t have that many years to live,so be sure to enjoy your life to the fullest.

Subscribe to “Based Zeus”on Youtube. He’s one of my favourite Youtubers.


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