The Wonders Of Understanding

God is a mighty being. It doesn’t matter which god we worship. He bestows upon us a vessel, in which holds our ever-tangling emotions —the soul.

Have you ever wondered why God gave us feelings? I believe it’s so that it’s to let us suffer.

To live is to suffer, after all.

Either you’re happy, sad or angry, everything revolves around the willingness to understand why you are suffering and whether you’re willing or not to learn from it.

You can never suppress your emotions. The feelings you have may be overwhelming, but you have the choice to learn and decide what to do with them.

“Courage is a gift left behind by fear.” This phrase literally summarises up what I want to say.

Of all the emotions I’ve experienced before, I find sadness the hardest to cope with.

However, the more miserable you are, the more you learn and gain from it. You see, we are merely vessels to hold the monsters deep within us. All this time we have this wrong perception of God — we always think that God is the one unleashing the demons from our deepest dungeons, letting them loose to devoure all the things we love in a split second. But it’s not God’s fault at all. We blame and complain about our misfortune but we don’t realise that we were behind our self-imposed misery all along.

God doesn’t work that way. He already did his work by offering you a perfect body with functioning organs. It’s up to you to prevent the demons from spewing fire all over the place and destroying your world, your most tender inner world, your soul.

If life was a game of chess, we’d have the liberty to decide where all the pieces are supposed to go. God can never be the one to toy with your life, he’s just a spectator to all the joys and sufferings of the world.

We can never avoid sadness, but we can decide whether we want to continue to wallow in it or to climb out of it. Remember: nothing lasts forever.

Don’t rely on others to make you feel less miserable, because they can only provide that much comfort to you. It’s still ultimately better that you strengthen the walls of your own dungeons and let your demons be in a peaceful slumber. To climb out of the hole of self pity by yourself and smile your brightest. Who knows? The ferocious monster might turn into a cute little puppy.

Don’t let depression devour you whole, it’s not worth it. When you are too focused on one thing, your perspective of the world will become much more narrower than before. Look around, depression doesn’t only bite at you, it bites at the people who love you too.


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