Growing Old

“Gah, my back!” my mother grumbles for the sixth time today. My mom has been complaining of back pain these days. She goes to bed early at night, but she wakes up feeling sore all over in the mornings. This hinders her from doing most of her daily chores effectively as she feels pain with each step, and this problem stresses her out. I guess this is one of the angsts of growing old.

Your body goes through a series of degenerative breakdown which causes the body to be weak as you age (if you don’t maintain an active lifestyle anyway, but grampas with six packs still exist, you know *wriggles eyebrows*) The reason why this doesn’t happen when we’re kids is because our cells are still actively dividing. This is to ensure that we can grow and mature rapidly. You’ll also find that this is why a lot of older people say they had the time of their lives during their youth. The body heals itself the quickest during that time, unlike in their old age. This is why the youths of this generation should seize the day and do everything they want to do right now! (But that’s for another article)

On the other hand, if your cells aren’t doing a good job in keeping themselves active and alive, it’s definitely going to show on the outside — For example, the gradual appearance of wrinkles and freckles on the face, arms or legs.

For most of us normal folk, this does little to perturb us from our daily activities. As we know “beauty fades” as we grow older and it doesn’t matter how good you look when you’re old. How can the older generation with lesser energy compete with the ever bright and enthusiastic youth of this generation? The kids today are bound to take over the world one day anyway. You can’t compete with them.

As we age, we slowly realize that monetary gain isn’t as important as our health anymore. That all the things in the world can’t be sold or traded for an active, healthy body. So all our hard earned money now goes to our health. But if you maintained a good and healthy lifestyle till the present time, need you even suffer now?

Some illnesses are preventable, some are not. Isn’t it better to prevent diseases than having to cure them? As according to the old adage, prevention is better than cure?

As I’m watching my mother chatting with the sales girl in the Gintell shop in our local shopping center, at the same time enjoying a short massage session in the showcase massage chair, I’m reminded of her hard work and all her sacrifices for our family all these years. If not for her, I wouldn’t be where I am right now.

Maybe I should personally give her a massage too one day.


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