Spoiler Alert!

A few hours after the release of what could be Marvel’s best-selling blockbuster movie yet — Avengers: Infinity War, my inbox is already flooded with people posting spoilers and then talking about their theories about how the movie should’ve ended etcetera. How can some people be so blatantly OBNOXIOUS.

No amount of disgust can measure my disgust at those disgusting people who do such disgusting things right now.

I get that it was a really good movie and the reviews are really great, (Kudos to the directors and all the brilliant minds behind the making of this legendary movie) but did you HAVE to spoil the experience for the rest of us who haven’t watched it yet or doesn’t even have access to a cinema or Netflix? I just HAD to be living in the only state in Malaysia that doesn’t have a cinema too. (Fellow Malaysians should know which state it is. Feel free to take a guess in the comment section below)

If this doesn’t look awesome to you, I don’t know what does.

How does it feel to read about how your favourite superhero died? It’s like reading their obituary without going to their funeral when you’re clearly invited. Except you don’t know where and when it’s held 🤔

Consideration is key when it comes to things such as this. I get that you’re excited because you just saw what might be the best Marvel movie ever made, and that you want to spread your joy to everyone else, but posting spoilers in group chats only infuriates and disgusts those who were really hyped up to watch the movie in the first place. It kinda kills the mood when you already know who dies and what happens after that.

I was really bummed out after hearing that my favourite superhero Spiderman died in the movie too. I just watched Spiderman: Homecoming a few months ago and he’s dead already? People in the forums I regularly visit are also being inconsiderate by posting moments of Tom Holland being funny and so freaking adorable… …But that’s not the point. The point is, don’t spoil the experience for other people when you’ve already experienced it for yourself. It’s just plain rude and thoughtless.

Before you guys blow up the comments with something along the lines of “All this anger and frustration can be avoided if you didn’t read it in the first place, right?” Well, consider this: Everything we see gets processed by our brains in 50 milliseconds. 50 milliseconds for what you see to be interpreted by your brain whether you like it or not. I dare you to challenge the processing speed of your brain. I double dog dare you.

You try to force yourself to think about not reading spoilers, but the more you try to suppress the urge, the will to read it becomes stronger every passing second. Us humans are weird creatures — the more we try to avoid doing something, the bigger the inclination to do it. Your subconscious keeps coaxing you to scroll down to look at the spoilers even though you know it’ll ruin your overall experience afterwards. After you’ve finished, you’re left with the feeling of relief and guilt which occurs simultaneously. Same goes when you eat that delicious chocolate chip cookie when you’re supposed to be on a diet.

So, please. No spoilers the week after any movie’s release. If you really can’t help yourself but to post a spoiler or theory to make yourself feel good or something, please give us a warning beforehand.


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